Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Back! :)

Sentimental Saturday. Choz. 

Spent the whole afternoon editing the snippets of the Vietnam-Cambodia trip videos I had with my dear friends Tamems and Ana, circa June of 2010. Parang kelan lang! 

When I took these vids, I had no knowledge editing and uploading videos on Youtube, that's why they overstayed in my external drive for 2 years. I just remembered these files awhile ago, and thought of updating my travel blog and share these with you. Oh the good times! 

Our second trip together, first was Hong Kong-Macau:

One of the longest time I stayed away from home (and in another country). We had a 12-hour bus ride from Vietnam Cambodia...Na nasira pa ang aircon! Never again! Lol:

Although SUPER INIT in Vietnam-Cambodia, what we love most about this trip naman are the FOOD TRIPS. Ang SASARAP ng food nila!

We also stayed in 4 hotels ata, most number of hotel experience for me, since we hopped from one country, then back:

No cabs! Tuk-tuk lang most of the time. 
We even had our own "tuktuk" service for the whole stay in Cambodia:

Angkor Wat is just so---photogenic! :)

We climbed here and there, because, although popular spot ito, wala naman talagang ibang gagawin kundi mag masid. So gumawa kami ng sariling ganap, hahaha. Steep stairs challenge:

Feeling millionaire:

We also took a depressing tour and learned more about the killings during the Pol Pot Regime.
I really appreciate historical tours...

 Cu Chi Tunnels Tour:

We sighted the biggest yosi ever (haha)

Leaving you with the video I was talking about:

To My Future Travel Buddy:

I hope you can come sooner. 

I really miss going out and discovering things, whether they'll make me super ecstatic or just totally disappoint me. I don't mind the downside of traveling (12-hour bus ride through hell)... if only to be with someone on this whole crazy journey. Surely we will end up keeping only the good moments (good food, pang show-off pictures and videos), and just throwing away all the bad stories----or wait, maybe we can even use them for future good laughs.


  1. hi! love your blog! :-) I hope we can follow each others blog..please let me know...I'd really be glad :-) xoxo

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  3. We're also dreaming to go in the future!

    We'll be going back to El Nido next year! Tara! ;)

    - Kaiye of

  4. fabulous photos of angkor wat! i want to go back!

  5. I've always wanted to go to Cambodia for an atual trip. Been there only to renew visa, when I was living in Bangkok in my first season as an international model. Now I want to go there even more, the temples seem so fantastic!

    Gabi Barbará

  6. This are amazing,looked so fun!


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